Senin, 19 April 2010

Will you do me a favor? (:

Will you? Will you?
Tell me yes, baby! <3

Hi, everyone! My name is Sari, and I'm a soon-to-be-19 y.o-immature-amateur-girl! Yes, I am! Isn't it a bit too late for a 19 y.o girl to have a blog only now? Well, I don't care, hahaha...

I live in Bandung, while my real home is Jakarta. I'm here for study, currently in second year of university. My hobbies are drawing, reading (A LOT!), writing, and browsing. Lame, usual, and ordinary hobbies you may find everywhere in anybody's biography. Tee-hee.

I'm OVERWEIGHT! ): I'm reaaally reeeeaally fat! Gosh, I hate my fat thighs and big arms soooooo bad! Diet is my obsession, but I'm damn good at failing it. )':

I love fashion! But most importantly, I love hunting fleashion! Yes, fleashion my dear, I'm not that rich so I can shop at Zara twice a week, and I can't afford GAP, so I'm in love with fleashion! You will find me over-wrapped by fleashion so damn much in this blog! Haha!

Now, do me a favor will you? (: It's a simple little favor! You know, I'm a real lazy and a world-class procrastinator, so to keep up with this blog will be a big deal test for me. So please please please, wish me good luck so that I can keep up on updating! And one more thing, please wish me good luck with my diet!

Will you do that for me, please? (:

XoXo ,
Sari in black tee and jeans shorts.

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Blogger jakti-kun mengatakan...

hello sari nice to know you. You can call me Jakti :)

I hope you can always update your blog, so I can see another story from you
and I wish you success with your diet and your study :)

22 April 2010 18.49  
Blogger whitedressandpajamas mengatakan...

holla there!
super super thanks Jakti! nice to know you too :)
I will post an update soon, while waiting for the new layout (it's under process) :D

27 April 2010 09.00  

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