Kamis, 29 April 2010


So I decided to do Tumblr walking. My first destination was fuckyeahalay! but never mind that one. So, fuckyeahpackaging! was my second destination and I ended up drooling over some gorgeously creative packaging.

LOL-ed at this one. Nice, really. I'm wondering if there's any front version of this product's packaging...

I love this one. Superb.

I can see government's warning at this one. Awesome! I always hate cigarette, but I think cigarette's ads usually clever and inspiring.

Artist Justin Gignac is an entrepreneurial genius.  He is selling litter off of the street in little plastic bags for $50 each.  So far he has sold 1,200 units, each one signed, dated and numbered. (fuckyeahpackaging!)
Indeed genius! The power of packaging, turns garbage into something decorative.

I found this one uber cute. A toilet paper tube! I'm craving for this one!

IF ONLY the Lays that used to be sold here, in Indonesia, is packaged like this one above! NOT like this one under...

See?? Who's with me!?


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